Monday, March 28, 2011

Composing music...

I think one of the most challenging things is composing a complete song. Anyone with any musical experience can come up with a melody and a chord structure to accompany it. However, to get multiple instrument parts to sound good both by themselves and with all the other parts can be frustrating, and certainly complicated.

I am not a good composer. I have really only began composing music on guitar, recording many tracks to overlap each other, and using midi software. It may be easy enough to come upon a pleasing melody, and even a chord progression to harmonize behind it, but to develop these core ideas into complete pieces of music is a laborious process.

I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't love it, though. Just keep this in mind whenever you listen to music: it was most certainly not easy to write the whole piece for whoever did it.


  1. I honestly can't imagine how tough it would be to write/compose a new piece of music. I have a hard enough time writing some of the papers I have to do for my classes.

    Hope it gets easier!

  2. I'm often very comfortable with improvisation, but when it comes to notation and transcription... it just gets boring for me, would rather let the music flow from my fingers - just my 2c!

    Cheers, and following!